Unwelcome Bedfellows©

With my head firmly upon my pillow

Thought to be in a deep sleep

Suddenly it feels as if I’m being watched

The room turns cold

There’s now an awkward feel of discomfort

I’m afraid to peer outside of my blanket

The feeling just won’t leave me

If I remain here hiding


I slowly peel back my blanket

Peering behind me

What an unlikely sight I see

A skeleton staring back at me

Sitting on the bed as if he is

Meant to be


He’s now ready for a chat

What am I to say to someone who

Looks like that

He’s obviously dead

As far as I can see

I’m still very much alive

Unless he knows something I’ve yet to admit to myself

I have no need for strange and unwelcome bedfellows

I choose to lay my head back down

I crawl back under my warm blanket


Go back to bed

So I bid you farewell

Mr. Skeleton Man

Go visit someone else in their dreams

Unwelcome Bedfellows©

Copyright 2015, 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

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