The Sign©

Deep in the busy crowd stands fear of one another. In that fear violence hangs in the balance. Waiting for the wrong word, the wrong move, from the wrong person. The mind of the injured stands in wait of a sign. That takes him where he may not really want to go, but he’s not in control, his mind is. The damage of years of resentment, untreated depression, family taught ignorance, plays tug of war in his brain. He has no freedom of choice, he just sits in wait for that sign to come. Not realizing, that if he takes that final step, it will most likely be his last. Every dream, every hope, every desire, that he may have had for his future will be gone in a split second, should he choose to pull that trigger. What can we do to stop that sign?

The Sign©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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