Sometimes I Wonder©

Sometimes I wonder why we were born in the shells we refer to as our bodies. They are perfectly imperfect. While giving us arms and legs, we are able to walk and drive to the places we need to get to. We are able to dress and undress ourselves. We can cook and eat our meals. Tend to our homes and children. But we can’t stop from getting sick. We cheat death each and every day. Disease can take up residence in our bodies at any age. Our memories are stolen by things such as alzheimer’s and parkinson’s.  Who decides who meets with a painful end and who passes in their sleep? Who decides who fights through health disease and who makes it through life without ailments? I am angered at the loss, at the pain we all suffer. While my anger brings no comfort, the tears that flow down my cheeks in the heat of the moment soothe me for the moment. Scientists work hard to find answers to our healthcare dilemmas, but often politics and money get in the way. There are no straight answers to any of this, but the questions will continue to come and the pain will continue to grow. Despite all that ails me, I’m grateful for each moment I have with those close to me. I hold onto to the hope that no one close to me will be touched further by the varying individual grimm reapers of health.

Sometimes I Wonder©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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