Opinion: Mother nature is surely angry

Tumbling around in my heart are the feelings of a young school girl trapped in the mind and body of a baby boomer. My children are consists of Millenials and iGens. They think they know more than I do. Truth is, we actually break even, the knowledge is just shifted around. We baby boomers have learned our lessons, while Millenials and iGens are still learning theirs. Technology continues to advance. Some of us will push forward taking in all our minds will hold, others will remain stagnant refusing to change while wondering why things take so long to process. Technology is an amazing companion when you fully realize its benefits. The greater concern is our environment. No matter our age we all must be aware of the damage we have caused. Mother nature is surely angry. Raging fires, sweltering seas, rivers and oceans. Our sewers are filled with tobacco, drugs, dirty needles, car fumes. It’s hard to imagine that all the bad things are truly filtered out well enough for us to drink safely. There is a reason that the flu vaccines don’t work. Just as there is a reason that people are more prone to allergies than ever before. Again, mother nature is surely angry. If we want the future to better, we have to do better, by living cleaner. If you haven’t started to change your own ways, there is no time like the present.

Change is coming, but it can and will be what we make it.

Mother Nature Is Surely Angry©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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