The Holidaze©

Half asleep, half awake

Running frantically through the stores

looking for the last few gifts and stocking stuffer’s

Adding one last thing to an already perfect dinner menu

The sudden desire to clean every nook in cranny of your already beautiful home

This is what the holidaze brings

Buckle up

Saddle up

Do whatever will protect you from

The crazy spell you’ll be under

During your annual visit to

The holidaze craze

You’ll never be satisfied til you’ve reached the end

When everyone tells you how wonderful its been

And they can’t wait until next year when it will happen all over again

So keep your bearings

You’ll need your strength

Because once you’ve gotten the hang of it

There’s no stopping a true holidaze member

Just remember why and what you’re celebrating

Find a way time to lend a hand to some of those

Who cannot afford to enjoy the holidaze the same way as you

Please enjoy your holidaze!

The Holidaze©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

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