Like any other night, I layed down my head. My eyes closed and I dreamed a little dream, of what I couldn’t tell you. Upon awakening the next morning, the world as I knew it had changed. I felt trapped inside a body seemingly foreign to me. I struggled to think, I struggled to move the left side of my body. My words couldn’t formulate though they sat at the tip of my tongue. I wanted to move but my body wouldn’t follow. This isn’t who I am nor is it who I want to be. But for now, I’m trapped inside this body seemingly foreign to me. My blood pressure was way out of whack, slowly calming now with medication. Doctors and nurses tend to me. Inside myself, I wish they would all disappear. I’m told now that hard work and discipline will get me close to who I once was. I eagerly await the moment I can start to fight back.


Copyright 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson


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