When Everything Old Becomes Everything New ©

This morning I found myself scanning the daily news. If I wasn’t awake before I was certainly awake once I realized that the Arsenal Mall in Watertown MA had closed right under my very nose.

I consider myself to be a proud Brookline townie since 1966. I’ve seen many a business come and go. Realizing that times change doesn’t ease the pain of seeing all that you once knew evaporate before your eyes. Not only have long time businesses come and gone but the landscapes as we have come to know them have been reborn into something almost unrecognizable to long timers, especially multi generational families. The local Town populations are bursting at the seems. Schools are running out of room.

I’m curious as to whether anyone has thought to study the long term affects of such changes on those who consider themselves to be a fabric within their various communities.

We know that life itself doesn’t last forever therefore it makes sense that our cities and towns won’t remain as we now know them. Nor are they a replica of what they were when you first happened upon them.

In the last 10-15 years, I’ve watched family, friends, neighbors, idols and notable figures pass on. Much of this is due to old age and illness. But I’m almost certain that some of this loss is due to the inability of some minds to accept the changes before them especially if their life partner has already moved on.

Some changes make it hard for us to remember how things once were. You tear down one building and what once stood there is immediately forgotten. You change the design of one road and commuters lose their way around town. Blue prints and photos become the trademark of our history.

I wonder how long it will take us to get use to bike lanes and electric cars, iPhones instead of rotary phones, computers instead of typewriters an now we are introducing robots and drones to the mix.

Stores as we once knew them are changing. The likes of Old Navy, Stride Rite, Forever 21, etc., are being replaced with trendy high priced boutiques. Fast Food Courts are being replaced with chef based restaurants. Should we be on the look out for the likes of Gordon Ramsey?What’s next in this world where everything old becomes everything new.

Where everything old becomes everything new©

Copyright© 2017

Felina Silver Robinson

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