It’s a horrible feeling

To think you know someone

On the surface they seem good and pure

Innocent and full of good things

But you find out that underneath

What you believed to be light

There is a darkness

The person you believed to be good

Is actually bad

He’s dirty

He’s hurtful

He abuses

He hurts

He makes me cry tears of shame

For thinking I knew him to be

A good man

Pure and clean

I am betrayed

I’ll shake it off and remember the good

Move on from the pain

Remembering that he is one man

They are not all the same

I hope god forgives you

But more I hope the people who are pained by your actions

Find peace and live their life the way it was meant to be

Out in the open and free of fear

In the absence of hate which hinders your ability to be happy

Betrayed is what I was

Free is what I am now

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