Clearly Out Of His Mind Over You©

This is what I see…Felina Silver Robinson

It’s all he can do but sit and watch

What he’s

Done to you

You spend each day at the end of your bed

Sifting through old pictures and waiting for a man

Who has no plans on returning

At least not emotionally

He has lost himself to his misery

Failure has taken control

Followed by self-pity

Which now consumes all that he once was

So like you he is an empty shell

Full of untamed emotions

He is now

Clearly out of his mind over you

If only you could let go of the pain he’s caused you

Maybe you could both find your way back

From the dark place that now has a hold on your mind


Return to a happier time

Clearly Out Of His Mind Over You©

Copyright 2015

Felina Silver Robinson

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