Noisy Neighbors©

When the clock strikes 9am they are already partying
When it’s noon time they’re taking a nap
By 1pm they’re watching a movie but so loudly the block can hear
By 2pm the other neighbors are knocking at their door
The noisemakers aren’t happy
The good neighbors say “we’ve been here before”
Next time you wont like what’s in store
Dinner time reaches
And still they are screaming
A gentle reminder to be good to thy neighbor
Falls on deaf ears
By 10 pm when most others have gone to bed
These guys are still partying
They must be thick in the head
Well the police have had their fill
On the 25th call
One by one they’re all carted out the door
And off to jail
Where they’ll befriend a cell
That will teach them to remember
To love thy neighbor

Noisy Neighbors©

Copyright 2014

by Felina Silver Robinson

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