A Frown About Town©

No one chooses to own a frown

A frown pulls at your cheek bones

Climbing up the ranks

Hoping to find its place upon your silk like skin

Temping its surroundings to compete

It’s ready to meet its match

A frown truly prefers to relax

It doesn’t like to work hard

A frown has one known direction

And that clearly down in the dumps

A frown’s number one enemy is the

Relentless smile that currently seems to be just your style

Planted firmly where its nemesis sir maddened frown houvers

Hoping and praying that the smile becomes unwanted and

Forgotten but then remembers that no one chooses a frown

A frown chooses someone once gladdened but is now saddened

A Frown About Town©

Copyright 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson



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