The Comforts of Home Sweet Home©

One last glance as you walk out the door for the day

Counting the hours until you return

We all spend time away from home each day

For Work

For School

or Whatever keeps you going

Sometimes we like it

Sometimes we don’t

Sometimes we have to

Sometimes we need to

Being away from home is a part of every day life

Home is where you get to kick off your shoes

Home is where you get to strut about however you please

Home is where you should feel safe

You get to be yourself

You get to relax from the days tensions

You get to brag about your successes without judgement but pride

You get to eat and drink as you please

You can sit back in your favorite chair resting your feet while you watch TV

You can grab the game control and stay up all night battling your friends or enemies

You can chat on the phone with your best friend and your family too

or How about some reality TV

Once all is said and done for the day

You take your shower and jump into bed

Where sweet dreams take over all nestled in your head

Until the alarm clock awakens you to start all over again

You again glance over your shoulder to take one last look as you leave for the day

There is nothing better than the comforts of home sweet home

The Comforts of Home Sweet Home©

Copyright© 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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