This weekend I remember the person my brother use to be

He served our country proud

He did all he was asked to do

An injury sent him home

He wasn’t the same upon his return

Tattered and torn was his sole

He did some things he wasn’t proud of

But deep within, he was still the man he use to be

He worked real hard to come back to who he was

He cleaned up his act

He found a good woman with a family

He was able to love, the way every man should have a chance to

But before too long the good lord came and took him

Lost to a disease that  couldn’t be cured

I take this time to remember all he was and all he had

I love you Johnny, you surely were quite the man

May your spirit live on among all that have loved you

You’re with the big man now, so we’ll always miss you

But knowing you are in the best hands possible

I can live on holding onto my happiest memories

This Poem was written on (05/24/14) in loving memory of my Brother Johnny

who briefly served in the air force. May he rest peacefully with god for eternity.


Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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