A Trace of Something New©

A trace of something new

slightly different

And all my own

This is what I search for

My Christmas wish

Is for a moment

Meant just for me

To search for those lost

With nowhere to go

To offer them a place

And an opportunity to find

A moment that they too can call their own

This is a A gift that costs nothing but means something

Something that those in possession of it can carry forward

When the first day of the new year arrives

There will be a smile upon the face

Of those once with nothing

Now with something

This is a trace of something new

Something meant to set them free

Free from all that ails them

All that holds them down

All that keeps them worrying

All that takes away their freedom

Now freedom becomes all their own

Something new and meant just for them

A Trace of Something New©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

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