Sally Says…©

At the sea wall I stand and gaze for what feels like hours

I hear a faint voice crying out my name

I follow the voice I think I hear

As laughter starts to fill my head

Someone is mocking me

I don’t know who or why

The hair stands firmly at the nape of my neck

The words Sally Says…

Ring louder in my ear

I suddenly want nothing more than to get out of here

But Sally Says…



I find myself

Upon the wall

Perched like a bird about to take flight

Now, I’m staring down at the dark choppy water

Wishing frantically for someone

To save me

Because motion seems though it won’t detain me

The sun flashes brightly in my eyes

Flooding memories of time gone by

Sending Sally quickly packing

Now I stand upon the sea wall

Staring down at the crystal blue waters

A dove flies by and gives me a sign of hope

Now that Sally speaks no more

Sally Says…©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


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