His Cry for My Laugh©

He makes me laugh’ cry and live without fear

But within him we find a sheltered man full of fear for the wrath of what our society may bring

How do we make him understand?

How can he let go and no longer fear?

Those who open their hearts and doors for others often find it hard to find room

For their own freedom

To think

To feel

To know

Fear comes so deep from within

There is nothing that so easily erases a memory

No treatment of shock

No removal from an event

No replacement of a person

Memories always find their way back

I’m only happy that I too can make him laugh

Share his thoughts, hopes and dreams

Open every door with your mind

Close away the hurt, the pain

Try not to erase an old memory, but replace it with a happier one

There is no telling what happiness it might bring

His Cry for My Laugh©

Copyright 1998

By Felina Silver

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