There’s This Angel I Know©

Today I honor the memory of my niece Maryanne

Blood may not connect us but the love I shared with your uncle is what led me to you

There will never be a moment of any day that regret would come my way

Knowing you

Seeing you

And being there for you

Has given me memories to carry me through the loss of you

Daily images keep flashing by

There are no moments I can’t remember why

You are my special angel in the sky

Sometimes I wish I could fly

Just so I could see your smile

For now my memories will do in each photo of you

While your smile brings me comfort

I send this message to you

No one who knows you could ever forget

All the good that you still do even with your passing

Many a heart beats on because of the memory of you

That carries them through their day

So fly high my angel

And remember the love that will forever remain here

In the hearts of those who love you

My sweet angel Maryanne

We all know that good things come and good things go

And there isn’t always rhyme or reason

Life’s test is what we make of it all

In due time we will all understand why

So, fly high my angel, fly high

There's This Angel I Know©2

There’s This Angel I Know©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

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