My Idol Candice Bergen©

The first time I saw Candice Bergen and knew it was her, I was watching the movie “Starting Over”. The thing that struck me the most as a young woman was the natural beauty that Candice Bergen is so lucky to have. She didn’t need to put a single stroke of makeup on to be beautiful. She wasn’t just beautiful on-screen. She exuded an obviously clear warm and openness about her. I’m not so sure those were the exact feelings I had back then, but I know that I was so taken by her that I watched the movie several times just so I could see her again.  I don’t want that to sound obsessive, because it wasn’t. I think I just wanted to try to be like her and wanted to show all that she was and continues to be.

The movie Gandhi had me going just based on what it was about. Much of it was so hard to watch. Ben Kingsley did an outstanding job in his portrayal of Gandhi as much as Candice Bergen did in her portrayal as the photographer (Margaret Bourke-White). I cried for some time after watching the movie. There were many emotions being processed. But it says something about those who play the characters so well that you actually feel that you were a part of what actually happened. You feel the pain of the real events as if they were your own experiences. More so if you can at all relate to the situation.

Happiness couldn’t even begin to describe my feelings when “Murphy Brown” started. In the 10 years that Murphy Brown was on, I don’t think I missed an episode. In the years following she played varying roles here and there. No matter what she did, she gave it her full heart and attention. She did it with pride and 100% of what Candice Bergen has always been, amazing.

Thank you Candice Bergen for being someone I could always admire.

My Idol Candice Bergen©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

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