Strange Faces©

In a room full of strange faces

I know none of what they are thinking or where they have been
I know nothing of their dreams or the pain they might be in
Expressions upon their face as they sit waiting
Are the faces of those so lonesome and sad
Some so tired their feelings remain unknown
Because their faces blankly fall
There is both doubt and fear in us all
Whenever uncertainty lies near
We just wish we could disappear
Our faces give clues about
What might ale us
But we are full of guesses
When we try to see their faces
And get to know more about them
Only to find that they just want to ignore us
Because they just don’t trust us
And they’re just going to duck us
Because trust doesn’t come easy
So we have no choice but to walk away
From those strange faces


Strange Faces©

Copyright 2014, 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

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