The Darkness©

The Darkness©

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson

When I close my eyes

There’s a darkness I don’t recognize

I’m afraid to keep my eyes closed

I’m afraid of what’s lurking in the shadows

I wonder if it’s a lost soul

I wonder if it hunts for me

I wonder if it will release me

A cold sweat comes over me

I scream and endless scream

I can’t open my mouth

But I can hear my own screams

No one else can hear me

No one else sees me

I’m trapped in this darkness

I try to run

But my legs wont move

I’m trapped inside myself

I hear footsteps

click clack across a tile floor

The warmth of a light

Suddenly against my face

A pair of cold hands remove the oxygen from my face

My eyes are uncovered

Again I’m able to see

The darkness is gone

I find myself laying upon a table

Covered in a hospital Johnnie

I suddenly realize

All was just hysterical fear

Fear of the darkness

Fear of the unknown

But now I know I’m back

Until next time

I’m under the knife

Just trying to find my way back

From the Darkness


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