Too Young To Die©

A young black man out and about

In a moment all goes from bad to worse

He finds himself in the arms of a white police officer

fighting for his life

He may be bigger but certainly not stronger than a steel handgun

His fight was never meant to be won

He knows it’s over

He wants to give up

But in one split second all is lost and he is gone

The officer with just a slight red blemish upon his face

Remains in one piece

The crowds go wild as another young man is lost

They know what will happen and they’re not looking forward to it

Three months later the lowly police officer stand strong

Happy to find that he won’t be doing time

He’s been cleared of his ghastly deed

But the natives are restless as the protest the findings

That can’t put the injustice behind them

Tension mounts and crowds strengthens

Can’t someone come and give some direction

Oh what I’d give to have the day Michael Brown died began all over again

But with no police

and no shooting

Just time and space once again

With freedom, friends and loved ones in tow

Copyright 2014

Too Young To Die©

Felina Silver Robinson


Michael Brown

May his family and friends

Find the, love, peace, and strength needed to carry on

May you continue to come together as one to strengthen each other in your time of need

Call on each other in good times and bad

Hold onto your memories

While letting the soul of Michael R.I.P.

Support him through love and understanding

Which shall have no end

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