Life as we know it©

I’ve been trapped inside a life I was a never sure was my own
Raised on a pocket full of lies and broken promises
Neighbors who knew of the inflicted pain but felt powerless
or too shamed to chance making a change
A daughter chased away like a thief in the night thought to be left for dead
Only to suddenly reappear years later to the shock of those who bore her
Life seems to control us
We can only hope for the control we actually take
Each day change may come and change may go
But the trail of your life may be some of what you make
But in the end it will be more of what others make
You may not always see it
But if you sit back and take a minute to think
It will suddenly become clear once again
That all you hold near and dear is a gift
And we all know that gifts can most certainly be taken away
At which time we would once again can be left with nothing

Life as we know it©

Copyright 2014
By Felina Silver Robinson

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