A Sister Lost©

Growing up it always felt like something was missing

I would only later come to know that it was actually someone who was missing

When we are young children

Our parents work hard to make ends meet

We are left to comfort and attend to one another

This doesn’t mean we always have to like each other

Sometimes we need years behind us to know what we have in one another

Things happen and the years pull us apart

There is an emptiness inside and a longing for a sister lost

Both of us wondering what might have been

We mourn the loss of one another

Only to find that the other still exists

Our curiosity is alive and we know we must find what was misd

Through time and words we begin to uncover our past

The pain slips through our fingers like sand returning to the beach floor

We now move on to heal our hearts

Happy Birthday Big Sister

You have now officially been found!

A Sister Lost©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

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