Let There Be Peace©

13 Years have come and gone

New threats have sprouted

Old ones are still growing


Militant Groups

American Beheadings

These are not things

Peace and Partnerships

Are made of

Mothers and children are being

Beaten, Assaulted and Murdered

Men are killed,

Tossed aside

And forgotten

Where do we go from here

Each side feels





And want to be feared

Fear has risen

in all who cares

Loved ones hope and pray for peace

Men prepare to fight again

To continue to fight for their freedom and their beliefs

Others push forward to remember those taken from us

On that sad and gloomy day

13th years ago tomorrow

Has there been no lessons learned

Must we really go back

To what was

Instead of moving on

Is peace so hard to accept

And hold on to

We should face the truth in all that we do

What happens now is on all of us

We must change the path of the road ahead

Take a stance and try to begin again

Take the anger and revenge out of our actions

Work is the only way to make this work

But both sides must commit to the effort

No sitting back waiting for the others lead

If only you could close your eyes

Count to three

And just stop fighting

Then and only then would or

Could we “Let there be peace”

Let There Be Peace©

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson

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