RIP Glen Campbell, Old Friend©

Summers in the far backseat of my dad's metallic blue station wagon with brown paneling waving to passerby's with Glen Campbell's' "Like a rhinestone cowboy" blaring on the radio. Me and my siblings start singing along as high as our voices will go. My dad begs us to simmer down so he can concentrate on the road. So we bring it down to a whisper lip singing the rest of the words. Passerby's wave at us tossing smiles and giggles our way. A sadness comes as the song quickly comes to and end. But we keep with us Glen Campbells trademark smile in the hopes that it will keep us happy till his next song hits the airwaves, we will always hold him in our hearts.

RIP Glen Campbell, Old Friend©

Copy Right 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

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