In the year 2014 Racism still exists.  For some it is as if things never changed. The (N) Word is still being thrown around as if it doesn’t hurt anyone.  Do you think people understand that the definition for the word they use has many meanings, but the majority of people are using it to cause innocent people undeserving pain. I’m. a person of color myself. But because I am many things, I relate to all that I am and don’t specifically label myself.  Some would look at me and I assume I’m just black because my skin is tan. Color doesn’t define me. Others shouldn’t let their ignorance define them. Police Commissioner Robert Copeland used the (N) word in reference to our President, Barack Obama. I’m puzzled, disappointed and choked that someone entrusted to uphold the law and potentially protect those potentially being assaulted by racist is in fact a racist himself. I was brought up to see people as they are and not to separate them by color, religion, or by what they believe in. I do my best to get to know the true person. I try to accept everyone. I despise ignorance and feel there is no place for it in the world that we we’re obviously all meant to share. I was not surprised with hearing that Copeland had used the word. He is after all 82 years of age and from a period where many people had those feelings and I find it has seemingly become more difficult for elders to change the way they were raised to feel about various people and their races as well as sexual orientations. Unfortunately, this provides and ongoing lifeline to those who still hang onto the ways and ideas of the past. My wish is that everyone will start to see and understand that we must work together and accept each of us as we are and only punish those that commit a real crime. Being born with one skin color or the other does not mold the person they will become. Children need be proud of their parents as well as their grandparents for the role models they are truly meant to be, free of ignorance and malice.


Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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