You Deserve A Love That’s Real©

You Deserve A Love That’s Real©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

I see through your blank stares

I feel what you’re thinking

You fear that he will truly see you

The fear behind your smile

As you clench your jaw as his lips near you

You fear not just the sight of him

But the very idea of him

And when he touches you

It’s all you can do not to vomit

But you can’t let him know how you feel

For you fear his reaction

You remain trapped in his desire

Of a love that left long ago

On the day he first struck you

With the darkness in his eyes

Then he promised time and time again

He would never raise his hand in your direction

That was just one of his many broken promises

You’ve heard it all before

Now you must build the strength to turn

And walk out that door

Hold your head high

Swallow your pride

You can surely survive without him

His love is not true to you

You deserve something more natural

Something pure and simple

Something and someone you will no longer fear

You Deserve A Love That’s Real©

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