Sorry, Not Sorry!©

There’s a tone one takes when they believe they’re right

Until they’re proven wrong

And even still they prefer to say

Sorry, Not Sorry!

Pride gets in the way

It takes over and rears its ugly head

Shame sits at the base of one’s thoughts

Making it harder to apologize for their err

Fearing compliance for what might be expected

The alter ego appears and starts stepping on toes

The pride that once was present has since been lost and is now far from being present

The ego has certainly prevailed for all to see

Now everyone is in sheer discomfort

Dumbfounded at the behavior before them

They wonder if someone has cast a spell that they’ve lost control of

They are for certain they’ve never seen the likes of this contemptible display before them

Alas some sense has crept back into the head of the egocentric savage

As if he’d awaken from a dream begging all around him for their forgiveness

Just to say that he’s sorry, not sorry and he’ll be on his merry way

For he knows that he can no longer follow the path that he’s expected to follow

And with that, as quick as he had arrived

He was now gone and quite unlikely to be seen again by the lot of esteemed guests

Sorry, Not Sorry!©

Copyright 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

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