Thank You Nurses!©

Through my many years of in patient an out patient needs I find myself forever grateful to the many dedicated nurses that have held my hand and given me time and understanding when no one else was at my side. Without knowing anyghing other than my name, diagnosis and ailments they befriended me as if someone they’ve known a lifetime. This is just part of the reason that I will always support a nursing strike when they fight for what they deserve. They like everyone else are people with families and needs. There is no true gain to anyone, certainly not patience, when the administration neglects the rights and needs of their nursing staff. Moving forward I hope that everyone will work to make sure that everyone has all they need so that future strikes are averted. Thank you to each and every nurse out there that gives their time effortlessly and with such care and generosity. I am indebted to you.

With every kindness,

Felina Silver Robinson

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