The Silent Caller©

Sometimes I find myself crying

There are moments that I thinks it’s for not

But then I think about everything that’s happened, not to me but to others.

A young teen kills his mother because she dared to tell him “no”. Unable to live with what he’d done he shoots himself hoping for a reunion.

A nurse who dedicated 35 years of her life treating cancer patients, dies alone of breast cancer.

A monther who fought her way back from alcohol addiction marries the love of her life and they both die in a car accident returning from their honeymoon and she was carrying their would be first child.

There are reasons that I find myself randomly crying. I just can’t fight the feeling of loneliness and dread. But then I remember, I’m not alone. You’re by my side. Holding me back. Fighting the temtation to leave before my time. 

Now I sit, day by day, fighting for the happiness I know is due me.

The Silent Caller©

©Copyright 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

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