This Life©

We are lucky to come into this world

To take part in the opportunity of life

We often take this gift for granted

Not realizing how short our time could be

Forgetting to appreciate each moment

Making memories good or bad creates history

Life, past, present and future

For all those we love

Life will come and life will go

The time may be known but most often unknown

Take each moment and hold it tight

Keep those memories close

But don’t be afraid to make more

Give life to the unknown

Don’t live crippled by fear

Life comes once that you’ll remember

So don’t be afraid to live it

But always appreciate the gift you’ve been given

Take care of it, nurture it’s growth until its end

I’ll always hold close to “This Life”

Thank you for letting me be here in this place

Able to love, be loved,

To laugh, cry and hope

This Life©2

This Life©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson



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