Put Your Happy Face On©


We wake up and put our happy face on

Knowing that behind the mask that covers the tears that forever roll down our cheeks

There are so many problems that we can’t even begin to fix

Friends offer to lend an ear knowing they have no intentions of helping with the problem

We must ask ourselves, are they really friends then?

Family bickers and pitts one against the other

They argue about what celebration will happen where and when

Everyone abandons you leaving in opposite directions angry at the lack of resolve

You’re left once again feeling powerless and holding the bag filled with other people’s problems and no help for your own

But as always, you stand strong and look past each obstacle and find the brightness at the end of the tunnel

Let nothing take your smile

Rest your head on the pillow that captures your tears

Wake up the next morning and put your happy face on

And just give them your whole heart

Put Your Happy Face On©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

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