Last Night©

Last Night©

©Copyright 2017

by Felina Silver Robinson

Last nights bombing in Manchester, England at the Ariana Grande concert devastated my feelings of security and unity.
I’m sick of all the senseless violences. Innocent people wake up with the joy of what the day will bring, while others whom they don’t even know and may never meet, plot to take their lives and the lives of others. They do this without real reason and their comrades sit proudly on the sidelines waiting to take credit for all the trepidation they have brought to all those that never saw it coming. They take pride in the carnage left for others to cleanup. 

Despite the fact that hate is a useless emotion, I think people will forgive me in this instance. People will understand my anger at those attempting to strip us of our freedom to feel at ease, to be comfortable where we live, to enjoy normal pastimes and for what? I’d like to know the real reason behind all of this, or maybe I really don’t want to know. I do know that all of this must stop. 

My heart bleeds for all those affected. I pray for healing. I’m hopeful for a change ahead. I demand justice for those deserving. 

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