In Between The Lines©

You tell me a story and I pick it a part
I have to see if what you tell me really makes sense

Or must I read between the lines
You hide behind your words

Afraid to come clean with your pain, with your fears

Wrapped comfy in your disguise

While I sit back asking why your words seem so uncertain to me

I think of how I can pry, pry out the truth

The truth of the words that hide behinds your words
Then tears roll upon your rose filled checks

I hear your breathing quicken and

your arms wrapped firmly around yourself

Shaking your head from left to right

Realizing that there is no more running

You have to tell me all there is to tell
Twitching your fingers

Rolling your eyes

Finally the words start pouring out

And then I’m sorry that I asked

For the truth in between your lines

But I listen because I love you and that’s

What love is

In Between The Lines©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013

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