Hello Life©

My existence may be because of youBut it I am not here for you

I have a plan

I’m working my way to freedom

Which means you will no longer own my thoughts and behaviors

I will have the freedom to come and go as I please

Maybe, just maybe my mind will become my own again

I hope to dream of a future

And not toss and turn tortured by memories of your abuse

I’m on my way in just a moment or two

No looking back to my tumultuous past

Hoping for the strength to keep moving forward

Never looking back

I leave the house with my bags all packed

I toss back my keys

Your screams bounce off my back

I’ve found a backbone and an inner voice

Your power is gone and so am I

My only hope is that no one else suffers ho I suffered at the hands of you

Goodbye chains

Hello Life

Hello Life©

Copyright© 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

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