“Jokester© – My Favorite Daily Photo Becomes A Poem”

This is what I see…Felina Silver Robinson

I may be somewhat odd

I may be somewhat funny and outlandish

My hair stands strangely upon my head

My clothes are like no others

No one takes me seriously

So I create for myself

An alternate personality

One that separates me from my true self

Someone that makes others laugh

Even in the face of my sorrow

No one has to know what I suffer

So my face is that of a Jokester

With my painted on smile

I’ll come and joke with you for a while

I bring my style

To the floor for a score

People will come from near and far

Just for stare at this mild-mannered man

Who can put a spin on his sin

And make you laugh as a task

At the end of the day you’re going to want to say

You’re proud to have seen the one

The only


Whose no boaster


Copyright 2015

Felina Silver Robinson

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