My Faithful Companion

Today, I woke to the sounds of my cat (Tiger) scratching at my door

His cries begging for entrance to his place of comfort

I stumble to the door in my half awakened state

Tiger zooms past me as if after a mouse

Only to find that he’s taken my spot on the bed

So I tend to morning coffee

And wake the household one by one

It isn’t easy when sleeping is so much more fun

Than forcing your way through an ordinary day

But with Tiger at play it’s sure to be superior

He nudges my leg to let me know that he’s ready to be fed

So he can stay on his feet

Keeping his roomies on the run

I only wish my own tasks could be as much fun

For now I’ll take Tigers pur, nose twitch, and leg nudge

At day’s end, the children are tucked in for the night

Tiger scratches at my door looking for a place to lay his head

Rolled up tightly in a ball upon my rug was he

My faithful companion he shall always be

My Faithful Companion©

Copyright© 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson


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