Cover Up©

Photo details – Figure 3-9 

So many years they covered up their actions

Afraid of what the world might say

For they come from different towns


She was raised on what was thought to be the rich side of town

Where color means almost nothing

He from another town where one skin color is all that matters


Now how does one hold in their feelings for so long?

Such a question, dare it be answered


As each day passed, their love grew stronger

Nothing could dare tear them apart

Finally it grew so strong they had to uncover it for all to see


So on one very special day they met in the middle

It was a Sunday they wed right out in the open for all to see


No longer a need to cover up

For all of you so use to anger suddenly start melting

They feel the love between the couple and everyone

Can’t help but to celebrate their love

Cover up©

 Copyright 1998

Felina Silver

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