Race Does Not Define Me©


I wake up in the morning just like anyone else
Trying to plan out my day
I have to get my kids going on their way
Serving their breakfast
Making sure they’re dressed
They have their lunch, and their backpacks
I wish them well and send them off with words of love
I then have to focus on me and what my plans are for the day
My husband’s taken care of
The days cleaning is done
I can finally sit back and write

I think about all of us
How everyone wants the same things for themselves and for their families
We all have the same fears
We all enjoy the same things

I continue to ask myself why so many people think we’re so different
Every race has the same problems
They suffer the same losses
The same tragedies
The same triumphs

There is no reason to fear each other
We’re all one and the same

Race Does Not Define Me©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson


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