Out of the Darkness©


She cries in the night while you lay sleeping

Her tears fill her pillow leaving no room to rest her head

She is weary hoping for just a moment without the fear of loneliness

The darkness fills the room and swallows the little bit of hope she had

There’s nothing left inside her heart

She begs for forgiveness as she cries in the night

She doesn’t know who will hear her or if anyone will care

She feels you no longer see her

So she asks you for nothing

She no longer takes your hand

As morning breaks and the sun caresses her skin

She feels her life slowly slip back into place

She wonders what is different

She knows not who saved her

But she sees a new direction

And her eyes are now open

She feels a bit of freedom as she stands ready to go

Someone must have heard her begging for forgiveness

For now she feels a strength she never felt before

She now stands ready to take on the world

With all the tools to keep her strong

Out of the Darkness©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

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