Lost in the Pain©

Lost in the pain

Consumed by feelings of mistrust and betrayal

She knows not where to turn next

All her hopes and dreams for the days ahead

Are halted by those she trusted and

They have now turned away

Taking with them her dreams

Where is she to turn now?

We put so much trust in others

A life’s work

Full of blood, sweat and tears

We go without when they’ve gone on with everything

They now repay us like this!

Where did we go wrong?

Those we thought were our friends have hurt us the most

We need now to brush it all off and move on ahead

Not allowing ourselves to be consumed by the pain

It’s never worth the pain

Letting it consume our souls

We were made to recover from all that life throws at us

Open your heart and close your eyes to the pain

And then and only then can you truly begin again

 Lost in the Pain©

 Copyright© 1998, 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

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