The Image©

Not Prim

But maybe proper

Straight laced

Wouldn’t be my place

I can say however

That you won’t catch me swearing

Because they (the people) would all be glaring

And everyone, who’s anyone, anywhere

Would know about it

So this also means that

I would never take what wasn’t mine

I’d never disagree with the majority


When my family has a fight

It’s done on paper and not with words

So no one will overhears something they would be willing to share

With the entire neighborhood

I certainly don’t want to

Stand out like a sore thumb

So everyone who is anyone

Could stand glaring


My family would be labeled as trash


Banned from all things social

So when I walk out the door

I make sure everything is in place

Just so I can fit into this place

And have a trace of a happy life

The Image is clear

Or I wouldn’t be here

Hard at work


Trying to fit in

The Image©

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015

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