Leader of the Pack©

All I have to do

Is look your way and you cringe with fear

You’d do anything just for a chance

To be liked by me

To even be like me

Don’t feel bad

Everyone else cringes too

I’m not sure what I’ve done to be labeled this way

Truth is all I want is to be like you

Even if just for a little while

Someone simple and barely noticed

Able to come and go as they please

Not worried about what others see, think, or feel

Just existing here under a thick skin

Not sentenced to the life I live in

With all eyes on me

Begging to come in

Expecting things I’m not sure I can give

One thing is certain

I truly don’t desire to be leader of the pack

Maybe you can help me find my way back

And get me away from this pack

Leader of the Pack©

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015

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