My ThrowBack©

My ThrowBack

Makes me want to go back to a time more carefree

If only I could harvest how it use to be

Just the moments most meaningful to me

Would make me as happy as I was meant to be

Without it

I’ll always desire it

With it

I’ll always treasure it

Years back

All those I loved surrounded me

Today, many of them are gone

Each day I cry for what I’ve lost

Each day I learn to live in the moment

Without losing site of the past

Holding on to my tomorrows

Dreaming of my yesterdays

Hoping not to lose anyone else I love

I will have to make do with

My ThrowBacks in my dreams

So as not to lose what I still have

One day I know that all that has been lost

Will be found when we have all come full circle

And end up under the same sky-high dome

Until we meet again…

I will continue to make memories

My ThrowBack©

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015

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