Bittersweet Love Affair©

Bittersweet my is my love

For the man I pine away for

My lonely days and my lonely nights

Are filled with thoughts of grandeur

I’ve held my own for so long

That time no longer has a meaning

The colour of day blends into the colour of night

The sounds I hear ripple painfully through my

Aching bones

I won’t despair

Because I only care

For the moment that I know that you are nearing

My body awakens

At the idea of your presence

I’m suddenly alive and impatiently waiting

As I hear your footsteps slowly approaching

I can barely contain my excitement

You arrive

To stand by my side

And suddenly my world

Is on fire

There’s no longer a reason

For a bittersweet love affair

Bittersweet Love Affair©

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015

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