A Need For More Time©

The years have chased me

Sickness has chased me too

None of that has mattered while I’ve had you

But now I ask for just a little more time

There’s more that I still have yet to do, to see

Doctors have told me to get things in order

Time is running out

I’m not leaving til I’m leaving

I need to finish all I’ve started

I beg the good lord again for more time

You cry yourself to sleep upon my shoulder

I place you gently in your bed

Watching your chest inhale, exhale as you drift off to sleep

Hoping, praying that I will go quick

So you don’t have to worry over me

Just remember me as I will remember you

Drifting off to a dream land filled with me

I beg you lord, I just need a little more time

A Need For More Time©

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015

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