Trapped Inside Himself©

Born to both a mother and father

A bouncing baby boy did come

Little did he know he would never be the son they so longed for

He danced in the mirror with his head held back

Watching each strand of his hair fly like the wings on a bird

He stood there wondering why he must be trapped inside this male shell

He wanted only to wear colorful dresses

And sport long curly hair like his mothers

He wanted to paint his toenails and bat his long eyelashes

But as long as he looked the way he did

He knew he had to play the part

For years and years

He played the game

All the while dying inside

He became a husband

He became a father

Nothing he did could make him feel whole

Only the moments he stole for himself

Inside his walk-in closet

Where he locked the door

Put on his floral print dresses

And his wig and his make-up

Then and only then did he feel whole

One day he decided there would be no more closets

There would be no more games

It was his turn in life to live it as he wanted to

He saw a doctor who gave him some pills

To start changing his insides

Years later came many a surgery

Till one day he was able to open his eyes

To the face he had always wanted

One that could smile with pride

Made up as any other woman would be

Trapped Inside Himself©

Copyright© 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

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