If Only I Could Fly©

I dream of flying high above the clouds

Seeing all that I can see

The stars that shine so bright at night

Would warm me as I travel

To where

I almost don’t care

As long as I’m feeling free

To shed those pieces of me

That carry the hurt from all those who judge me

It’s a pity I know

To have to go

So far away

Just to

Avoid you

There just doesn’t seem to be

Any other place that one of your friends don’t appear

And follow your orders to goad me

My hair

My skin

My walk

My talk

They all seem to annoy me

What makes you think you have the right to slay me

This is why I can’t sit by

Waiting for you to come for me


I wish that I could fly so high

And see you down below me

Just know that I would never

Do the things you do and make you feel like I do

All I want is my peace of mind

And for those I know to see me

See past your words

And past your scorn

To know that I’m actually quite alluring

Maybe, just maybe, you already know

And that’s why you choose to taunt me

So no one else will see

Anyone but you

If Only I Could Fly©

Copyright© (written 04/02/1980)

By Felina Silver Robinson

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