Please Mr. President

Please Mr. President©

Copyright© 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

Two weeks ago I had

So many hopes

So many dreams

Today I have

So many questions


So many fears

Our doors have always been open

To those who needed saving


To those who wanted to call America home

Trust has always been given

Maybe too freely

But judgement

and Bias

Because of religion, race or beliefs

Is no reason to close our doors


Build walls

If we turn our backs now

Someday when we need help

Another wall may keep us from safety

Our title as Americans

May bring on the hate of others for our kind

For things we as citizens never wanted

Our children will pay the price

I get it

Times are changing

There is a reason to be scared

The actions of some has been unforgivable

But must we assume that everyone is bad?

Must we strip our country of all that’s made us the place people turn to?

Upon us now is the task of making everyone feel whole again

We are now tattered and torn

Some of us feel empty

Almost speechless

With nowhere to turn

We need uniting

Each of us matter

Each of us care

Please give us back the place

We were once proud to call home

You were chosen to lead us

We lay our trust in you

Peace and understanding are all within reach

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