Picture Perfect Day©

Picture Perfect Day©

Copyright 2016

By Felina Silver Robinson

Uncontrollable laughter bouncing off the walls from the other room
Everyone happily piles up at the front door
Done gangs all here and were on our way
Sisters walk hand in hand with smiles on their faces
Mom and dad not far behind doing just the same
The sun is shining brightly
A cool Fall breeze lays gently upon our skin
Dogs barking and birds chirping
We stop for hot chocolate along the way
Met with friendly greetings from friends as their passing
With no set destination we wander aimlessly until we end up
Back at our front door just as happy as we were when we left
Laughter and smiles are still with us
Now down to business of chores before dinner, the. Off to bed
Thanks for being a part of our picture perfect day

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